Sunday, September 11, 2005


Today marks the fourth anniversary
The world's leader became the adversary

Blessed are the rich as long as they're white
Blessed are those who rule with might
Damned are those with the dark skins
Whether in Baghdad or New Orleans
Cursed are those who own the least
They learn the true nature of this beast

Take a vacation while a city dies
Insult them with your presence and lies
Send more of our poor to die in their sand
So you can steal what is below their land
You swore mass death and gave us terror
But history will prove you were the error


1895 American soldiers
3121 Iraqi police/guardsman
24865 Iriaqi civilians (conservative estimate)

So much blood is on this administration's hands.
History will show this to be the most shameful period of American history and perhaps the decline of the American Empire.
Threats are growing on the other side of both oceans, and we have no more friends in the world
I love my country with all my heart. But I am ashamed of those in charge.
I know I am blessed to be in a country where I can speak openly. And I am going to use this right.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

the safety of shadows

The darkness is my home
I try to explore and roam
but it pulls me back alone

I try again to find some light
I show the look but I don't feel right
because inside dwells a yearning for night

I seek the black that brings despair
and avoid the white it's too much to bear
the burden too heavy for time to repair

So I block the doors and lock the windows
and I stay inside where nobody knows
the comfort I find in the safety of shadows