Tuesday, November 09, 2004

long time no sea

it has been quite a while since i have written anything. i am sick. i don't really have anything to say, but i figured i ought to make use of this, and it's been like, six weeks or something like that since i've written anything new. i will sleep early, because i had a long day and because i have things to do.
i miss the beach. even though i'm in sunny southern california, yeah, it gets cold. and it's been cold lately and i'll become a popsickle should i choose to go into the ocean. and besides, it's not like i can work on my tan or anything.
i feel like crap. i'm gonna stop writing, because i can tell that you are bored and i need my rest. ny nyquil is wearing on me and my lids are getting heavy. have you ever taken nyquil and whisky? it's a bad idea. unless you don't mind slipping into a mild coma for 16 hours. it will rest you right up though.