Sunday, September 12, 2004

national holiday

i don't know about you, but tomorrow is like a national holiday. nfl season kicks off, and damnit i'm excited.
so in the afc, i see the patriots, colts, ravens, and chiefs to win their divisions. the wildcards get tricky, though...i see the raiders and broncos. although, the jaguars could surprise, and so could the jets. this conferene is loaded. the bills won't be able to score, and neither will tennessee. the bengals might go 8-8 again, but no better. no one else will be close.
the nfc will give you the eagles, falcons, vikings, and seahawks as division winners. the wildcards will go to the redskins and the saints. but the surprise teams could be the lions and the cardinals. the panthers will lose close games this year instead of win them, and the packers will give up too many points. the cowboys won't be able to score, and the buccaneers are archaic. no one else will seriously contend.
so what does my crystal football tell me about january 2005?
afc championship: ravens over patriots
nfc championship: falcons over seahawks
superbowl: falcons over ravens

yes, you heard it here first!!

happy gaming


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