Wednesday, September 22, 2004

calling mr sandman

insomnia has taken over again. no reason why.
it is not as if i am deep in thought about some large overbearing unsolvable problem. actually, my mind is drifting all over the place. and it can not seem to rest in one place.
shit, maybe it's the tea i had. apparently tea is spiked with caffeine, and i drank a bunch of it. at around 2330. damnit. i'm dumb. and i have work at 11am today. at least it's not at 8am or 9am. then i'd be screwed.
at least work is easy and i can get through it without using any conplex synapse connections.
this is kind of fun. i should write in this blog more, but i usually have nothing to say. i run my mouth when i'm drunk or intoxicated with the sweet leaf, but i am dry right now, and the sweet leaf has not been with me for nearly a year. wow. i'm amazed at that, considering i would pine for it after a few days without. i kind of want some now, but i can't.
i must keep my mind focused on the task at hand. patience. good things come to those who wait. just as long as i don't wait too long.


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