Wednesday, September 22, 2004

calling mr sandman

insomnia has taken over again. no reason why.
it is not as if i am deep in thought about some large overbearing unsolvable problem. actually, my mind is drifting all over the place. and it can not seem to rest in one place.
shit, maybe it's the tea i had. apparently tea is spiked with caffeine, and i drank a bunch of it. at around 2330. damnit. i'm dumb. and i have work at 11am today. at least it's not at 8am or 9am. then i'd be screwed.
at least work is easy and i can get through it without using any conplex synapse connections.
this is kind of fun. i should write in this blog more, but i usually have nothing to say. i run my mouth when i'm drunk or intoxicated with the sweet leaf, but i am dry right now, and the sweet leaf has not been with me for nearly a year. wow. i'm amazed at that, considering i would pine for it after a few days without. i kind of want some now, but i can't.
i must keep my mind focused on the task at hand. patience. good things come to those who wait. just as long as i don't wait too long.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

national holiday

i don't know about you, but tomorrow is like a national holiday. nfl season kicks off, and damnit i'm excited.
so in the afc, i see the patriots, colts, ravens, and chiefs to win their divisions. the wildcards get tricky, though...i see the raiders and broncos. although, the jaguars could surprise, and so could the jets. this conferene is loaded. the bills won't be able to score, and neither will tennessee. the bengals might go 8-8 again, but no better. no one else will be close.
the nfc will give you the eagles, falcons, vikings, and seahawks as division winners. the wildcards will go to the redskins and the saints. but the surprise teams could be the lions and the cardinals. the panthers will lose close games this year instead of win them, and the packers will give up too many points. the cowboys won't be able to score, and the buccaneers are archaic. no one else will seriously contend.
so what does my crystal football tell me about january 2005?
afc championship: ravens over patriots
nfc championship: falcons over seahawks
superbowl: falcons over ravens

yes, you heard it here first!!

happy gaming

Saturday, September 11, 2004



over 40,000 troops killed

over 18,000 civilians killed
(including the 3000 who were murdered three years ago)

revenge is not justice


all killed as a result of violent acts
with no end in sight
this is a day we should reflect on the state of the world and the direction it is heading
or else there will be no more world
we are all one people
our humanity must transcend the barriers of race and religion


my initial posting. i do not think anyone will read this, but if you do, please leave a comment. i like comments.
i need to find a way to productively or creatively but not-abusively pass my time. my future postings will reveal what i mean by that.
as i assume is the case with several of you, boredom was a motivator in the creation of your blog. maybe it's just me. i find that is often the case.
i can't help but wonder who is my audience? i hope no one i know reads this, because i like to write for no one in particular, and it's hard if i imagine my friends will be feasting their scrutinizing eyes on this, since i like to keep secrets. maybe i'll keep them here, since i don't know you and you don't matter to me. is that just me? i don't like those closest to me knowing too much about me. not that there's really much to know anyway.
i'll keep this short and sweet since i don't know you too well yet. but more will follow.